Saturday, July 22


Lately, when I was driving, I started to imagine how it would look if the mountains simply cracked open and an enormous giant would climb out. Where would all the rocks go? Would I survive the earth quake even if it doesn't step on me? What would it even do? Actually it would be much bigger than in these pictures, I just didn't know how to draw that. The cat in the second picture is my beloved kitty Remus by the way. :')

Friday, July 21

"Pay attention to me!!"

My uncle, who lives two houses away, got himself a dog. It happens to be a Newfoundland dog, the one I chose for Chris in this Resident Evil dog picture. When I first saw my uncle's dog I thought a small bear was sitting in his garden. :'D He barks all day and I hear my uncle screaming "No. No. NOOO!!" all day.

Wednesday, July 19


I saw this amazing fish bowl on YouTube yesterday and wanted to draw it instantly. Unfortunately my perspective kinda failed and then I lost the will to add more details and well ... But I've drawn! I haven't had so much free time for a year and I try to draw as much as possible now, I don't want to waste it.

Saturday, July 15

King Fili

I don't remember if I've posted Fili as king before or not. I know that I've drawn him before but Photoshop crashed and I lost the picture. Only had a rough sketch left. I don't think that I did it again back then. But I did another one today. I'm trying to draw as much as possible at the moment because I have a lot of time and I'm not feeling so well.
Anyway, I've always wanted to draw Fili as King under the Mountain. Even though I really don't like the crown they designed for the movie. It looks so futuristic. Like it's part of a space suit.
When I read The Hobbit I was pretty frustrated about the fact that Dain became the new king. I know I should accept the story as at is, especially as a big fan of Tolkien's work, but it just feels like other characters deserve it more, because they did far more. Maybe not Fili (I wish he could be king, because he's my favourite, though), but Dwalin and Balin in particular.

Vendetta #2

I don't really have an explanation for this. I just liked this ridiculously exposing wedding dress that Rebecca wears in Vendetta and it's been a while since I've drawn guys in dresses. It's always fun. And everything looks awesome on Chris thanks to his ... dimensions. Also, he got the weirdest and gayest alternate outfits in the games anyway, so I assume that everything is perfectly in order here.
But have you noticed that Capcom started to make Chris' body significantly thinner? I won't accept that. Chris just has to look like a gorilla.